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John Bredehoft

John Bredehoft is a Product Marketing Senior Manager at Incode. He is responsible for describing Incode's identity verification products and their benefits to customers in multiple industries served by Incode. He comes to Incode with over 25 years of identity industry experience, encompassing friction ridges (fingerprints and palm prints), faces, irises, DNA, voice, government-validated secure documents (such as driver's licenses), and digital identity applications.

Removing Friction from Capture When Proving Identities

We use the word “friction” in multiple contexts. In identity proofing, friction results when it takes significant effort for a person to prove who they are. If it takes a user too long to prove their identity, the user may become frustrated and give up. This hurts businesses that depend upon digital onboarding for their customers.

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Using iBeta-Certified Facial Liveness Detection to Combat Digital Identity Fraud

In the last couple of years, and particularly during COVID-19, online and remote transactions requiring identity verification have become the norm. Using biometrics as part of digital identity verification is a secure and frictionless experience. For example, opening a new banking account is as simple as taking a selfie and uploading a picture of your driver's license.

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