See the Importance of Identity Proofing in a Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) solution

Gartner analysts Henrique Teixeira, Michael Kelley, Akif Khan, and Tricia Phillips have prepared an “Innovation Insight” on CIAM solutions, including the following critical observation:

“CIAM requires identity administration, privacy, access management and fraud detection capabilities to deliver a secure, cost-efficient and improved user experience for external use cases. No one vendor offers all these capabilities, so security and risk management leaders must plan for integrations.”

Two of these capabilities are particularly important:

  • The proper (variable) level of fraud detection. “Fraud detection requirements vary for clients who have deployed CIAM solutions. In some industries, particularly regulated ones such as banking, there is a need to gain a high level of confidence in a user’s identity before allowing that user to create an account. Where unauthorized access to an existing account could result in theft of funds or PII data, or other negative consequences, the threat of ATO must be mitigated.”
  • A commitment to maintaining privacy. “Expanding privacy regulations require new controls, such as the collection of consent. CIAM toolsets cannot natively comply with privacy regulation on behalf of an organization, but they can provide technical mechanisms to enable an effective compliance program.”

The fraud detection and privacy components of a CIAM solution should include identity proofing capabilities, such as those offered by Incode Technologies. As noted above, the importance of fraud detection varies depending upon the use case. However, identity proofing is included in all four of the use cases Gartner identifies:

  • “Consumer portals (B2C) — Including online shopping, banking, insurance, and financial services”
  • “Partner collaboration (B2B) — Including distributors, dealers, brokers and supply chain activities”
  • “Government-to-constituent (G2C) — Public sector and government digital services aimed at constituents looking to interact with government entities”
  • “B2B2X partnerships (gig economy, B2B2C, B2B2E) — May involve temporary contingent or freelance worker access: For example, a grocery delivery company (first business) may launch an app for gig workers who work with a supermarket (second business) to deliver groceries to consumers”

To understand how CIAM is important for all of these use cases, and to understand the importance of identity proofing in a CIAM solution, download the Gartner report today.


Superior solution integration

As you select the components for your CIAM solution, bear in mind this key recommendation from Gartner:

“Plan early for integration (as needed) with adjacent tools, such as DXPs, CPM tools and OFD (online fraud detection) tools. Choose flexible CIAM technologies that can be easily extended — look for natively supported integrations with adjacent tools to address potential gaps.”

The Incode Omni Platform is designed for integration with other tools, and not only provides developer documentation for multiple platforms, but also provides a customer success team of solutions engineers who are dedicated to ensuring a superior CIAM integration.

If you would like further information on the Incode Technologies identity proofing solution and its ability to integrated with other CIAM elements, please contact Incode.

Gartner, Innovation Insight for Customer Identity and Access Management, 9 December 2021, Henrique Teixeira et. Al.
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