Incode Makes Fast Company’s List of Businesses that are Making a World-Changing Impact

Improving Lives by Powering a World of Trust

Incode is honored to be on Fast Company’s annual list of companies that are Making a World-Changing Impact . As the leading provider of next-generation identity verification solutions, we are changing the way we live by empowering a world of seamless human interactions and reinventing our traditional approaches to verifying identities online.

Our lives have become pervasively digital. From check-ins for flights, to online shopping, to gaming and many other day-to-day interactions. Digital experiences permeate our lives. Even “real world” interactions, like dining or entering an event stadium are digitized; this can include payment transactions for the former and ticket check-ins for the latter. We believe that implementing seamless identity verification well will improve lives and unlock access to a broad swath of resources.  

We envision a future that will introduce an age of frictionless, highly secure and privacy-minded relationships that democratize access and scale to never-before-seen levels. Today’s barriers: clunky Identity experiences, privacy gaps, vulnerability-laden technologies, and higher costs when trust is marginalized will cease to exist.

Incode will sit at the center of this future; powering Trust with a single Identity layer that is pervasive yet fully transparent to your day-to-day interactions. Built by a vibrant community with a nonconformist attitude, only Incode can harness the collective power of foresight, technology, and community to zealously meet today’s requirements while preparing for future yet-to-be anticipated experiences.

We are humbled to be recognized by our community and are energized by those that we support each and every day.

Join us on this journey. Power a world of Trust.

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