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Why the Gaming Industry Needs a New Identity

One of the biggest growth areas in the entertainment industry in recent years has been the rising popularity of online casinos and gambling. The Covid-19 pandemic has helped to fast track the projected value of the global gambling market to over $94 billion USD over the next two years. As online casinos gain in popularity, gambling regulations have become more stringent worldwide.

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Identity Proofing: What It Is and How It Works

Identity proofing provides an effective way to verify that your online customers are who they claim to be. Knowing how to conduct ID proofing can protect you and your clients from fraud, providing a better experience for your customers and building a better reputation for your brand.

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Identity Authentication vs. Verification: Three Key Differences

What Is Identity Authentication vs. Verification?

Authentication vs. verification: they sound similar, but they’re two distinct and equally essential components of the online security process. User identity verification confirms that new customers are who they say they are, while authentication checks whether the legitimate account holder is accessing a customer account. While these two procedures are essential parts of customer identity checking procedures, they have some key differences. They involve different user data, they are performed at varying times during the customer lifecycle, and they take different amounts of time. But they also share some important similarities. Both procedures are critical for fraud protection, cybersecurity, and regulatory compliance. Both can be combined with biometric technology for enhanced effectiveness.

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Mexico Matters: Mexico Debuts as a Unicorn Maker

Our CEO & Founder, Ricardo Amper, participated in the Mexico Matters Podcast hosted by Mariana Campero featuring Luis Cervantes, managing director and head of General Atlantic's Mexico City office and Adolfo Babats, CEO of CLIP. In this podcast, Mexico Debuts as a Unicorn Maker, they discuss how entrepreneurs are using technology to build successful businesses that are creating positive impacts for the region in areas such as banking and personal security.

Listen to the full podcast here.

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KYC Solutions - Part 7

KYC solutions use technology to automate the process of performing KYC procedures. They save both financial institutions and customers time doing KYC checks, while making it easier to meet regulatory requirements and reducing the risk of fraud. Let’s take a look at what KYC solutions are, why you need one, what parts of the KYC process they cover and what sets apart today’s best KYC solution.

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