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Three Reasons Why I Joined Incode

Incode is a dynamic digital identity company with the vision to power a world of trust. Since I joined in December, 2021, we’ve been rapidly expanding. Today, we have people in 15 markets around the world, including the United States, Mexico, Colombia, Serbia, Russia, the UK, Spain, Dubai, Uruguay and Singapore.

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Know Your Guest: The New Hospitality Experience, Elevated by Incode

As a frequent business traveller, there are fewer experiences more frustrating than getting to your hotel after a long international flight, tired and jetlagged before tomorrow’s meeting, waiting in line to check-in to your hotel – only to have to produce all your documents and wait for the front desk clerk to organize your room. Even more challenging can be getting to your hotel room only to find that your electronic key doesn’t work and all the extra steps that entails. In fact, the hospitality industry is replete with examples of time-consuming processes that don’t meet the expectations of high value hotel guests, whether omnichannel guests, business travelers, luxury travelers, or event attendees.

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Action & Ambition: Powering a World of Trust

Incode is Powering a World of Trust By Reinventing The Way Humans Authenticate and Verify Their Identity Online.

Ricardo Amper, CEO and Founder of Incode, joins Action and Ambition to talk about the growth of Incode and how we are reinventing the way humans authenticate and verify their identity online to power a world of trust. Hosted by Andrew Medal and Phillips Lanos.

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El Sol de Mexico: Interview with Ricardo Amper

The following is a translated transcript of an interview between El Sol de Mexico and Ricardo Amper, Founder and CEO of Incode Technologies.

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Publisher: El Sol de Mexico
Orignial Author: Erick Ramirez

This technology company, which specializes in user identity verification, was one of the latest Mexican founded companies to achieve unicorn status in 2021, having achieved a $1 billion valuation.

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How to Find a KYC Service Provider: Four Steps to Choosing the Right Provider

Know Your Customer (KYC) service provider can help you navigate the complexities of the compliance process and provide you with the technology tools to authenticate client identities efficiently. But with KYC technology advancing rapidly and the field of providers continually growing, choosing the right solution can be a challenge. Here's our guide to finding the right KYC service for your needs.

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Why On-boarding Speed Tests are Brand Critical

After more than two years of pandemic induced remote digital interactions, consumer expectations for fast and easy-to-use mobile experiences are higher than they’ve ever been.  Yet despite the ubiquity of digital and remote offerings, companies are finding it difficult to keep up with growing consumer expectations for a better mobile experience. Brands are no longer competing with the best experience in their category, they are competing with the best digital experience a consumer has ever had. An online shopper who can purchase an item in one or two taps on a retail app will hold the same standards of speed and convenience to her bank app when she deposits a cheque, a travel site when she books a flight or a hotel that she wants check-in to.

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Biometric Authentication: Definition, Examples, and Benefits

For many organizations, safeguarding customer data, company information, trade secrets, and confidential information continues to be difficult, especially as cybercriminals work on developing new ways to beat even the most advanced security measures. Due to the susceptibility of other security measures to breaches, many organizations are implementing biometric authentication technologies

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What is Selfie ID Verification?

It’s never been easier to be someone else on the internet. From social media networking to online shopping and even digital banking, the explosive consumer shift to online transactions has created enormous opportunities for cybersecurity crimes and widespread digital identity theft. According to data supplied by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), nearly 1.4 million reports of identity theft were disclosed in 2021 alone, which cost consumers a whopping $5.8 billion. With the sheer volume of identity theft and cybercrime increasing year-over-year, more institutions have started to adopt selfie ID verification tools to provide more secure customer experiences. Selfie verification services can help businesses quickly confirm if a customer is really the individual they claim to be— whether they are opening a financial account, applying for an employee position, or verifying their age online. 

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