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Engineering Solutions to Achieve Customer Success

The Incode Omni platform offers powerful capabilities to Incode’s customers. To properly harness these capabilities, Incode provides Solutions Engineers to shepherd the implementation of customer solutions. In this installment of “Life at Incode,” Solutions Engineer Rich Komarovskiy explains what he does every day and how this contributes to customer success.

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Building from the Ground Up

Incode Omni is an omnichannel platform creating customer experiences of the future. One key channel is mobile. Covering SDKs, APIs, and end user interfaces, Incode’s mobile team must integrate complex machine learning (ML) algorithms while ensuring a frictionless customer experience. Today, Sonja Kesic, head of Incode’s mobile engineering team, answers questions about her team and the company culture.

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The Past, Present, and Future of Incode and Digital Identity

Digitizing and automating identity verification is incredibly complex. Features like facial recognition and ID verification use advanced mathematical algorithms and must be both accurate and fast. Jovan Jovanovic is intimately familiar with all things tech at Incode. With a background in math and computer science, Jovan leads the engineering teams responsible for the magic happening under the hood of Incode Omni Platform. Today, Jovan takes us on a journey from the past to the future as he describes the history of the company and where Incode is headed.

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Three Reasons Why I Joined Incode

Incode is a dynamic digital identity company with the vision to power a world of trust. Since I joined in December, 2021, we’ve been rapidly expanding. Today, we have people in 15 markets around the world, including the United States, Mexico, Colombia, Serbia, Russia, the UK, Spain, Dubai, Uruguay and Singapore.

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