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Know Your Guest: The New Hospitality Experience, Elevated by Incode

As a frequent business traveller, there are fewer experiences more frustrating than getting to your hotel after a long international flight, tired and jetlagged before tomorrow’s meeting, waiting in line to check-in to your hotel – only to have to produce all your documents and wait for the front desk clerk to organize your room. Even more challenging can be getting to your hotel room only to find that your electronic key doesn’t work and all the extra steps that entails. In fact, the hospitality industry is replete with examples of time-consuming processes that don’t meet the expectations of high value hotel guests, whether omnichannel guests, business travelers, luxury travelers, or event attendees.

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Why the Gaming Industry Needs a New Identity

One of the biggest growth areas in the entertainment industry in recent years has been the rising popularity of online casinos and gambling. The Covid-19 pandemic has helped to fast track the projected value of the global gambling market to over $94 billion USD over the next two years. As online casinos gain in popularity, gambling regulations have become more stringent worldwide.

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